Home Workspace Program 2024

The 13th edition of the Home Workspace Program began in January 2024, welcoming five fellows from Lebanon, Pakistan, and India: Nour Akel, Ayman El-Iskandarani, Srinivas Harivanam, Zahabia Khozema, and Ali Merhi.

To date, the program has featured discussions with past fellows Lamia Abu Khadra, Monica Basbous, and Ali Eyal; Mahmoud Khaled’s workshop, The Waiting Room, on public spaces and sociopolitical interactions; Raafat Majzoub’s seminar on speculative fiction and socially-engaged art; and Joe Namy’s workshop on listening and sound making as tools to read and transform the environments we inhabit.


Launched by Ashkal Alwan in Beirut in 2011, the Home Workspace Program is an arts study program open to artists from Lebanon and the world over to develop their formal, technical, and theoretical skills in a critical setting.

HWP was initially developed to explore interdisciplinary, critical models of art education in Lebanon and beyond.