Following the success of the 2021 edition, itself shaped as a response to the ongoing political and economic collapse in Lebanon and the global Covid-19 pandemic, the eleventh edition of the Home Workspace Program (HWP) will launch online in late February, 2022. HWP is open to anyone wishing to attend and free of charge. All interested individuals are invited to pre-register for each separate chapter, workshop, or seminar.

HWP 2022 will consist of four chapters, four seminars, and four skills-based workshops led by: Marta Popivoda and Ana Vujanovic; Jumana Manna and Jesse Darling; Rayyane Tabet and Abraham Cruzvillegas; Vivian Ziherl; Maya Mikdashi; Joe Namy; Bahar Noorizadeh; Monica Basbous; Leen Charafeddine; Alaa Mansour; Ziad Moukarzel; and Jalal Toufic.


Launched by Ashkal Alwan in Beirut in 2011, the Home Workspace Program is an arts study program open to artists from Lebanon and the world over to develop their formal, technical and theoretical skills in a critical setting. 

HWP was initially developed to explore interdisciplinary, critical models of art education in Lebanon and beyond.

HWP 2022 will consist of four individual chapters, four seminars, and four skills-based workshops unfolding over the course of five months from February to July. 

Each chapter will last for three weeks and will be organized by a pairing of Lead Professors who will:
(1) design a specific curriculum responding to a set of theoretical and aesthetic concerns, and
(2) invite up to two Visiting Professors to each lead a seminar, workshop, or collective reading session.

Individual seminars will span for up to two weeks, opening a space for dialogue on current issues and critical frameworks.

Skills-based workshops will be held in parallel with the individual chapters throughout the eleventh edition.

All artists, writers, and cultural workers from Lebanon and elsewhere are invited to pre-register and take part in individual chapters—each containing their own set of seminars, workshops, lectures, and critiques. 

The chapters will unfold over the course of four months, beginning in March 2022 and ending in July 2022.

Chapter 1 | Feminist Storytelling
by Ana Vujanović & Marta Popivoda

This chapter will explore theoretical and artistic concerns and methods developed collaboratively over the years—revisiting dominant HIStory, antifascist legacies, transgenerational care, and prefigurings of the commons. 

Through a queer feminist framework, our practice deploys various strategies, from ecriture feminine and feminizing male narratives, to grappling with dominant male subjectivity and toying with gender poetics. 

We view form and content as closely intertwined. We take the materialist post-structuralist position that an abstraction is never divorced from its material origin, as its medium is the material vessel of communication that intervenes in the realm of the signified, to generate new meanings and possibilities.

The chapter will consist of lectures, seminars, screenings, and guest-led interventions. Using our works and theoretical writings as a repository of topics and tools, we will attempt to articulate a framework for understanding and practicing: Feminist story-telling, writing HERstory, the womanly face of war, landscape dramaturgy, multiplying gazes and perspectives, and radical slowness. Participants are invited to find and share examples from their own research and experience.

In parallel to the ongoing chapters, HWP will offer four skills-based workshops, that are also free and open to all who pre-register. Workshops will offer participants hands-on experience with various technical tools, seminars will open a space for dialogue on current issues and critical frameworks.


These include: