Launched by Ashkal Alwan in Beirut in 2011, the Home Workspace Program (HWP) is a 10-month arts study program that enrolls 10-15 fellows per year.

Launched by Ashkal Alwan in Beirut in 2011, the Home Workspace Program (HWP) is a 10-month arts study program that enrolls 10-15 fellows per year. The program is open to artists from Lebanon and the world over to develop their formal, technical and theoretical skills in a critical setting, and provides enrolled fellows with feedback and resources to facilitate and support their art practice. Each admitted fellow is granted a merit-based scholarship, access to studio space and HWP facilities. A public component is accessible to non-enrolled participants through lectures, seminars, and workshops. Tuition and public activities in the HWP are free.

HWP was initially developed to explore free, trans-disciplinary, critical models of arts education in Lebanon and the Arab region where education is mostly privatized. Moreover, it aims to include a wide range of practitioners and guest teachers, all the while addressing geopolitical particularities, and existing conditions in art and the educational landscape

HWP is organized annually around workshops, seminars, lectures, group critiques and studio visits. Visiting Professors (VPs) and their invited guests organize workshops and seminars based on their practices.


Alongside the work of the VPs’, the curriculum includes a series of seminars to complement the fellows’ general theoretical and art historical knowledge offered by Guest Professors.


Advisors follow the fellows’ work throughout the year, organizing group critiques and one to one sessions.


Each year, a Preface to the program is organized by an invited guest, or Preface leader. In these first three weeks, fellows introduce their work, are introduced to the HWP program, and are oriented to Lebanon’s urban and cultural geography through site visits and talks.

The Home Workspace Program Advisory Curriculum Committee consists of members whose artistic practices and pedagogical experience engage a diverse range of disciplines and media. The committee rotates every three years. Alongside the Program Coordinator, the Curriculum Committee develops the structural and thematic framework of the program, invites Visiting and Guest Professors, and participates in selecting each year’s admitted fellows. 


Members of the Advisory Curriculum Committee are Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Iman Issa, Joe Namy, Zeynep Oz, Walid Raad, and Christine Tohme. Previous members have included Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil Rabah, Gregory Sholette, Tonu Chakar and others.

Visiting Professors (VPs) – artists, collectives, writers, scholars and others – are invited for an extended period, alongside guests of their choice, to explore themes, apparatuses and forms affined with their distinct artistic practices through workshops, seminars, and public lectures. The Resident Professors also participate in studio visits and engage in discussion with HWP fellows. Past VP’s have included: Emily Jacir, Kader Attia, Walid Raad, Sandra Noeth, and Raqs Media collective, among many others.

The HWP is housed in Ashkal Alwan’s multidisciplinary space in Jisr al Wati, Beirut, and includes studio, muti-purpose and presentation spaces, a library, video and sound editing suites, and a cafe. The space is shared by HWP and Ashkal Alwan’s other platforms, while amenities are accessible for use by local and visiting artists, collectives, researchers and students. 


The library is open Monday to Friday, 10 am – 6:30 pm. Workspaces are open Monday to Friday, 8 am – 10 pm, and Saturdays upon request. The space is closed on Sundays and during holidays. 


Ashkal Alwan grants priority access to HWP fellows for use of workspaces and other amenities, and fellows coordinate their requests with the administration in advance.