6 April - 8 March 2014

Video Works 2014 marks the fourth edition and screening event of Video Works and is supported by Robert A. Matta. 

Video Works 2014 Program

Nadine Bekdache is a graphic designer and urban researcher. She uses mapping both as a research method and a communication tool. Mapping Place Narratives: Beyhum Street is her first attempt at using film to complement a research on the depoliticizing of rent control and its spatial manifestations. She recently started a design/research collective. Juma Hamdowas born in 1984 in Kobani, Syria. He graduated from the University of Damascus with a BA in Media Studies. Since 2008, Juma has been working as a freelance director and researcher. He has directed several independent short documentaries and experimental video projects. Juma is currently working on his mid-length documentary Rude Refugee Diaries – Beirut.


Chloé Griffin is a Canadian filmmaker and visual artist. She was born in 1978 in El Cajon, California (USA). Siska is a filmmaker and visual artist born in 1984 in Beirut, Lebanon. He lives and works between Berlin and Beirut.


Sarah Francis lives and works in Beirut. She graduated from IESAV (Institute of Scenic, Audiovisual and Cinematographic Studies, Saint Joseph University, Beirut), and later participated in several international workshops. Since 2006, she has been working as a freelance director for several production companies. Her first feature documentary Birds of September premiered in the official selection of CPH:DOX (Copenhagen, 2013) and was shown in Dubai International Film Festival that same year. She is currently working on a documentary within the framework of DOX:LAB (CPH:DOX).


Romain Hamard was born in 1986. He lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon.


Raed Rafei is a filmmaker, writer and multimedia journalist, born in 1977 in Tripoli, Lebanon. He is interested in reality, fiction and what lies in between. His feature film 74 (The Reconstitution of a Struggle), which he co-wrote and co-directed with Rania Rafei, was premiered at the Marseille International Festival of Documentary Film (FID), where it was awarded the GNCR prize. The film also won the prize for Best Film at Olhar de Cinema ¬– Curitiba International Film Festival (Brazil), and for Best First Film at Tetouan Film Festival (Morocco).


Jad Youssef was born in 1989 in Beirut. He graduated from IESAV (Institute of Scenic, Audiovisual and Cinematographic Studies, Saint Joseph University, Beirut) in 2013.

Ashkal Alwan presented the fourth edition of VIDEO WORKS, featuring new works by Nadine Bekdache and Juma Hamdo; Sarah Francis; Chloé Griffin and Siska; Romain Hamard; Raed Rafei; and Jad Youssef.

In addition, VIDEO WORKS 2014 will present a selection of recently produced works by Marwa Arsanios, Roy Dib, Corine Shawi, and Abounaddara Collective.

VIDEO WORKS is a grant and screening program established by Ashkal Alwan in 2006 to provide a sustainable support structure for video production by emerging artists and filmmakers in Lebanon.

Jury / Advisors: Carine Doumit, Rima Mismar, Ghassan Salhab, Roy Samaha.