Job Opportunity: Programs Coordinator

Opening Performance | Waters’ Witness — Beirut by Tarek Atoui and Eric La Casa

عرض أداء | شاهد الماء – بيروت لطارق عطوي وإريك لا كازا

Chapter 3 | Conversations

Chapter 2 | On Ruination

Job Opportunity: Production Coordinator

How to Write Songs for a Set

Public Lectures | Landscape Dramaturgy & Transnational Feminism and (Im)Possible Solidarities

Chapter 1 | Feminist Storytelling

Seminar | Stranger than Sci-fi: Towards Weirding our Economies

Workshop | Spaces and Sound

Seminar | Frontier Imaginaries

Seminar | Sextarianism, Interdisciplinarity, and Multiplicity

Seminar newline _What Was I Thinking?_, pp. 72–82

Workshop | The Conflict in Montage

ورشة عمل | الصراع في المونتاج

Workshop | The production of spatial knowledge and representations: an incomplete history

ورشة عمل | إنتاج المعارف والتمثيلات الفضائية: تاريخ غير وافٍ