Yogurt and Other Spaces of Labor

In defense of digressions

Tigris Phenomenologies: Artefacts, Land, Cycles, Exile

Job Opportunity: Programs Coordinator


“sometimes a wildebeest on the tundra remembers a former life”: The Quandaries, Vagaries, Riddles, and Torment of Archives

New selection of films and videos on aashra

Back to Basics: The Kindergarten Session

Online Book Launch | Nour Bishouty,

Workshop: Too slow, too quick, too small, too big – Reading, imagining, making maps

بطيء جدًّا، سريع جدًّا، صغير جدًّا، كبير جدًّا – قراءة الخرائط وتخيّلها وترسيمها

Technical Workshop: Intro to Creative Coding

ورشة عمل تمهدية حول التشفير الإبداعي


مشهد الخلفيّة 

Perpetual Postponement - Contributions #1

دوام الإرجاء - أول مداخلات

New selection of films and videos on aashra

Availability: Six Studios at the Ashkal Alwan Space