Playground: Performance by Ali El-Darsa

مساحة لعب: عرض أدائي لعلي الدرسا

Open Studios: HWP 2017-18

محترفات مفتوحة: برنامج فضاء أشغال داخلية ٢٠١٧-٢٠١٨

Book Launch: Yasser Arafat Looked at Me and Smiled (Diary of a Fighter) by Yussef Bazzi

إطلاق وتوقيع «نظر إليّ ياسر عرفات وابتسم: يوميات مقاتل» ليوسف بزّي

Speaking in an Unbounded Tense with the HWP 2017-18 Fellows and Raqs Media Collective

Artist Talk by Lamia Joreige

The Political Aesthetics of Social Form: Public Talk by Sven Lütticken

Audiovisual Lecture | World / AntiWorld: On Seeing Double by Haig Aivazian

Double Feature: Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo" and Jalal Toufic's "Vertiginous Variations on Vertigo"

When the Library Was Stolen: Book Launch and Public Talk by Fehras Publishing Practices

The Urban Re-Construction of Space under the Mamluks: Public Talk by Howayda Al-Harithy

Violence and Vision: Public Talk by Sami Khatib

Misguided Eyes: Public Talk by Natascha Sadr Haghighian

Odarodle - an imaginary their_story of naturepeoples, 1535-2017: Public Talk by Ashkan Sepahvand

What is the Sum of a Son and a Son - In a Dream?: Public Talk by Jalal Toufic

لقاء مع العالم الآخر على مقهى الكونتنتال - عن مكان الكاتب ومكان الكتابة