Home Works 6, curated by Christine Tohme, included lectures, screenings, publications and performances — as well as the exhibition program curated by Tarek Abou El Fetouh and the X-Apartments project produced by Matthias Lilienthal with the participants of Ashkal Alwan's Home Workspace Program 2012-13.

Home Works 6


The 6th edition of Home Works is inspired by tinkerings heard on side-streets, rooftops, hallways, and in stadiums, living rooms, classrooms, and storage spaces. These are experienced as sites of excavation—and of trial: Trial as an act of hearing and rehearsal; trial as glimpsed through the fallible strata of history. As long as it’s in effect, as long as it’s living, a verdict, like history, cannot be annexed to the past. We remain in this transitional and indefinite trial until we agree on the authority which will adjudicate. Until when should we wait for this authority to come forth? Perhaps it is in preparation for the arrival of the judge that we become individual citizens. Or perhaps it is the judge who, by adjudicating, makes us into individuals. Should then those informal spaces—those rooftops, classrooms and hallways—be inducted into the structure of the trial? And if so, what would remain of these tinkerings?


Christine Tohme


Home Works 6 Exhibition


The exhibition program for Home Works 6 adopts strategies of spatial and temporal transferences, reenacting three key exhibitions that took place at transitional moments in history: the first Alexandria Biennial in 1955; the First Arab Art Biennial in Baghdad in 1974; and the exhibition “China/Avant-Garde” in Beijing in 1989. Inspired by Ibn Arabi’s concept of time as a fluid place and place as a frozen time, the exhibition examines the locations and conditions of the present, which finds itself once again at a historical juncture. The exhibition summons the past and present of Baghdad, Alexandria and Beijing to Beirut 2013, suggesting leaps among these different epochs and locales, and among the basic laws that have governed (and continue to govern) our culture and our thought. The exhibition does not seek to redraw a historical map. Rather, it presents a body of contemporary artworks against three crucial events—all of which were fuelled by important political, social and artistic movements—as a layer in time and place that is at once conductive and disruptive. 


Tarek Abou El Fetouh




The participants of this year’s Home Workspace Program take you on a tour of private homes—those carefully protected spaces where human beings play out the largest part of their life, their conflicts, laughter, hopes and disappointments, safe from the public eye. Carried out a number of times in different cities around the world, X-Apartments is as much a domestic as it is an urban intervention—inviting the viewer to test their expectations of other people’s intimate realities, and to experience their own city through new eyes, as if seeing it for the first time. In its Beirut edition, X-Apartments is also largely a project about walking, in a city that tries to block the activity of walking as much as possible.


Matthias Lilienthal

Haig Aivazian 

Pilar Albarracín

 Burak Arikan 

Tarek El-Ariss

Marwa Arsanios

Mohammad Al Attar  

Kader Attia

Rayya Badran

Hoda Barakat

Graham D. Burnett

Tony Chakar

Park Chan-Kyong

Waddah Charara

 Boris Charmatz 

Ali Cherri

 Paed Conca 

Ibrahim Dawood

Omar Dewachi

Nikita Dhawan

Tony Elieh 

Mohamed Elshahed 

Cao Fei

 Mahdi Fleifel

 Simon Fujiwara

Ahmed Ghoneimy

Charbel Haber 

Joana Hadjithomas 

Lawrence Abu Hamdan

Marwan Hamdan 

Julia Holter 

Iman Issa

 Parine Jaddo

Khaled Jarrar

Jeon Joonho 

Khalil Joreige

Cemal Kafadar 

Mazen Kerbaj 

Lara Khaldi 

Mahmoud Khaled 

Mazen Khaled

Yazan Khalili

Kristine Khouri

Moon Kyungwon

Sarmad Louis

Maha Maamoun 

Basim Magdy 

Jumana Manna

Sophia Al Maria

 Ahmed Mater

Radhouane El Meddeb 

Seo Min-Jeong

Nadim Mishlawi

Rabih Mroué

Yasser Mroué

Ahmed Naje 

Joe Namy 

Adel Nassar 

Ziad Nawfal 

Reza Negarestani

Sidsel Nelund Wang Ningde 

Joshua Oppenheimer

 Zeynep Oz

Haig Papazian

Johann Pillai 

Walid Raad

 Khalil Rabah

Milo Rau Nora Razian

Omar Abou Saada

Ghalya Saadawi

Yazan Al Saadi

Walid Sadek

Roy Samaha

Lina Saneh 

Sharif Sehnaoui 

Sam Shalabi

Wael Shawky

Catarina Simão

Sarah-Neel Smith

Mounira Al Solh

Nida Sinnokrot

Rania Stephan 

Meg Stuart/ Damaged Goods

Subversive Films Song Ta

Rayyane Tabet 

TkH – Walking Theory 

Ho Tzu Nyen 

Chris Votek

 Dilek Winchester 

Paola Yacoub

Zeynep Yasa Yaman

Samar Yazbek

Akram Zaatari 



With the participants of the Home Workspace Program (HWP) 2012- 13:

Dareen Abbas Hisham Awad Alex Baczynski-Jenkins Liane Al Ghusain Romain Hamard

Marwan Hamdan Sara Hamde Maxime Hourani Jessika Khazrik Raed Motar

Monira Al Qadiri Monica Restrepo Urok Shirhan Stefan Tarnowski

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