Riwaq Biennale 5: Ingredients

Introduction to Riwaq and the 5th Riwaq Biennale (RB5)

Night Vision: Workshop with Senior Members of Riwaq

Our Terrible Country / بلدنا الرهيب: Screening by Mohammad Ali Atassi and Ziad Homsi

HWP 2014-15 | Seminar in 12 Sessions by Jalal Toufic

Is it because I am a dog: Book Launch by Mounira al Solh

Book Launch & Lecture by Jalal Toufic

Creating and Dispersing Universes Again and Again

An Additional Continent

Screening and Conversation with Charif Kiwan (Abounaddara Collective) and Rania Stephan

The End of History: Workshop with Brian Kuan Wood

A Lock for Every Key: The Excesses of Restraint

The Last Pictures: Workshop and Public Talk by Trevor Paglen

Defying the Death of Art: Russian Art From Malevitch to Kabakov Under the Sign of Nikolai Fedorov’s Philiosophy

Why Preserve the Name 'Human': Lecture by Keti Chukhrov