Defying the Death of Art: Russian Art From Malevitch to Kabakov Under the Sign of Nikolai Fedorov’s Philiosophy

Love Machines by Keti Chukhrov

Why Preserve the Name 'Human': Lecture by Keti Chukhrov

Weekly Sci-Fi Film Screenings

A Museum of Immortality

Creating Universes that Include Will and/or Resurrection

Lebanese Archive: Dreamers Against All Odds

Image as Life-form: Workshop with Brian Kuan Wood

2084, Episode 3: The Noosphere - Screening and Conversation with Anton Vidokle and Marwa Arsanios

Hito Steyerl: Junktime

Creating and Dispersing Universes that Include Ruins

Montage in Writing: Workshop with 98weeks

Concrete Sampling (Arrangement for Derbekah and Jackhammer) | A Performance by Ilario Lupo and Joe Namy

Delusions of Reference: In Defense of Art (Part 2) by Sarah Rifky

Animals and Revolution: Lecture by Oxana Timofeeva