Declaring Borders by Dictaphone Group

Twenty-Eight Nights and a Poem by Akram Zaatari

Any World That I’m Welcome to (is Better Than the World I Come From)

Late Night: Theater Performance by Blitztheatregroup

La Grande Maison: Performance by Laila Soliman and Ruud Gielens

2084: A Science Fiction Show / Episode 2: The Fall of Artists’ Republic by Anton Vidokle and Pelin Tan | The Digger by Ali Cherri

From the Invention of Ruins to the End of the National Museum: Ali Cherri in conversation with Sam Hardy

Culture Without Mirrors: Restructuring Creative Cognitive Power by Amanda Beech

Sunshinism by Arjuna Neuman

Exodus Writ Large: Talk with Dara Abdallah

Las Ideas: Performance by Federico León

Now: End of Season by Ayman Nahle

Super Premium Soft Double Vanilla Rich: Performance by Tokishi Okada and the chelfitsch Theater Company

Société Phantome: Public Talk by Matthew Pole

Selected Readings from “The Hanging Garden of Sleep” by Haytham El-Wardany