Everything Else is Ordinary: On the Mimetic and Discordant Relations Between the Miraculous and the Mundane

How New York Gave Us the Gift of Contemporary Art: Public Talk with Octavian Esanu

Towards a Purely Instrumental Application of Forms: Lecture by Iman Issa

Source – (Filter) – Output: Seminar with Iman Issa

Screening of Nigol Bezjian Films

Fugacious Presence: A Collective Performance

Becoming Power: Workshop with Heath Bunting and Dr. Francis McKee

Symposium on the Arabic Novel

ملتقى الرواية العربية

Method, Madness, Montage: Lecture by W. J. T. Mitchell

Tracing Aura: The Relic Across Eras of its Technological Reproducibility - Lecture with Finbarr Barry Flood

Trouble with Images: Lost Histories of the Licit - Seminar with Finbarr Barry Flood

Decolonial AestheSis: Colonial Wounds, Decolonial Healings - Public Talk by Walter Mignolo

HWP 2015-16: Wounded Places. On the Integrity of the Body

al­Sanhuri and the Subject of The Caliphate in Islam

Denormalizing Bodies. Rehearsing Citizenship